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Sanctuary Review

May 24, 2017

Hey Guys!


I wanted to tell you about this amazing restaurant called Sanctuary, which is one of my favourite restaurants of all time. Sanctuary is a vegan restaurant located in Fulham, it has a quiet and calm atmosphere with very friendly staff who are all vegan! I first discovered this restaurant on Instagram and heard many positive reviews, especially on their Tofu Fish, which suprisingly looks, smells and tastes exactly like fish!

Their menu mostly consists of healthy whole foods including Vegan caesar salad, Mexican Hot Dog, Burgers, Tapas and so on. They also have wifi for their customers which is extremely helpful if I do say so myself. I also appreciated their love of animals and how they donate money to a farm helping animals who are being abused, setting them free and looking after them. I highly recommend this restaurant also for those who decided to go vegan for the animals.


Below you will find pictures of what I had ordered when me and my friend Ieva had visited.

                      Left to right: Refresquino & Blueberry 'No moo cheesecake' Milkshake


                                                        Chicken nada nuggets & onion rings


                                            Vegan Caesar Salad with Vegan Parmesan Cheese & Tofu

                                              Tofu 'Fish & Chips' with Mushy Peas, Tartare sauce

                                                                                   & Salad


I recommend this restaurant for anyone willing to try some delicious and healthy vegan food!

Here are the links to their website and social media sites.


Sanctuary site: http://v-sanctuary.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sanctuary.vegan/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sanctuary.vegan.london


Please be aware that there has been some changes made to their menu, some of the meals on their website are no longer being served at the restaurant, however it gives you an overall idea of the food served at this restaurant.


If you loved this review and decided to check this place then drop me a message on Instagram or tweet me on Twitter to let me know how it went.


Cannot wait to hear from you guys! Peace and blessings to you all.

Shanice xoxo



































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June 7, 2017

May 24, 2017

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