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Vegan Summer Fest '17

July 3, 2017

Hey Guys!


So a few weeks ago I attended an outdoor Vegan summer festival in Brighton. Luckily it was a perfect day for an outdoor festival. However I was pretty nervous as the weather in England, can be very bipolar and unpredictable coming from a London native herself.


Anyway I had a blast and really enjoyed the free samples of vegan products. Not only was there so much variety of foods to try - pizzas, burgers, pasta dishes, ice creams, cakes/pasteries and so on. There was also a huge variety of products being sold from crystal jewellery to clothes, makeup/beauty products, beverages and much more. I was quite mind blown as to how much options there were despite being cruelty, meat and dairy free and it further proves the point that we do not necessarily need to support companies that exploit animals the way they do.


Furthermore I had also met some really nice friendly people at the festival in particular Jade Louise who had a pop up of her own vegan clothing brand, I had bought one of her shirts which had a comical slogan printed on it as I thought it fit my personality very well.


I had purchased quite a lot of products unfortunately I didn't manage to take a picture of all of the products, so here's a list of what I had bought.


Instant Matcha Latte Powder

Sweet Revolution

This lady Jane Nicholls was very friendly, polite and approachable and we had a good old chat about her product and healthy eating. She also let me try all of the samples of the different flavours including Tumeric and Chai, they all tasted delicious however the Matcha one  was my favourite.


I love this product! And will definitely be ordering some more soon. It's a really good alternative to Coffee as it doesn't give you that caffeine crash that coffee tends to. Also their products are at an afforable price averaging £7 per pack.





'Don't talk to me, I'm hangry' slogan shirt

Jade Green Vegan

Another beauty I had purchased from was Jade Louise also known as 'Jade Green Vegan' who I had mentioned earlier. She was sitting down smiling, petting her cute dog. If you were to check out her blog you would know she has nothing but love and compassion for animals. I purchased a grey shirt and will be purchasing more shirts soon most definitely! Shirt prices are varied but most are at a starting price of £15-16


Blog site: https://jadegreenvegan.com/

Youtube channel: Jade Green Vegan


Here is a picture of me rocking the shirt.


Vegusto Piquant Cheese 


 This company has saved me! The best vegan cheese I had ever tasted! So far my favourite one is 'Piquant' very soft and melts very easily. The men at the stand were so kind and mentioned that they love bloggers.

I had the pleasure of trying all the different flavours and samples. I love Violife but right now Vegusto is winning. The consistency, texture and flavour is spot on and made from natural ingredients which is a plus! They also sell sausages, meats and chocolates/treats.


Site: https://vegusto.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vegusto.co.uk/


                                                                          Cheese samples mmm


Other products I had purchased included some cruelty free soaps, a pair of socks and a natural deodarant bar.


Here are some more photos taken from the Festival :)

This festival was amazing and I do not regret going at all. Also Brighton is such a lovely, beautiful and vibrant place and would love to visit again soon.


Here are links to a few sites listing the vegan fests happening this year in the whole of the UK.







If you had attended a vegan festival this year drop a message on Instagram or  tweet me on Twitter to let me know how it went. If you do see me at one, don't be shy and come say hi :)


Can't wait to hear from you guys! Peace and blessings to you all.

Shanice xoxo








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