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Fav summer trends/colours to wear '17

August 15, 2017

Hey guys!


As you know summer is nearly over and autumn is quickly approaching. So i think it is time to post my favourite colours and trends for summer 2017.

As you know fashion trends are constantly changing all the time, as these trends change, so do the colours of the seasons. This year, I have noticed more bright and eye-popping colours are currently in style, such as: Fuchsia, bright shades of Orange, Red, Yellow and Blue. I have noticed a lot of these colours in the stores, as well as prints including Stripes, floral embroidery patterns and of course, Floral prints.


Here I will post my favourite prints and colours from 2017 :)


                                                                       Nude Pink & Stripes

 I just love all shades of nude as a colour. Definitely nice to wear in the summer and it can be paired

with almost any colour! Here you can see I have paired it with my favourite Mustard yellow purse, from Accessorize, and a pair of striped trousers I purchased from a Mango Outlet whilst in Majorca.

Nude has been a trending colour for a while now and seems like a colour that's here to stay.


                                                             Bright Orange & Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow has been my favourite colour to wear this year! I would say it's also definitely trending

at the moment. It is an eye-popping colour which can be tricky to pair with, however, when paired with

the right colours, it can work really well. It works well as a statement piece colour and I personally think

it is best to have one garment or accessory in your outfit that is Mustard yellow. You can then pair it with either another bright colour or black and white, to help tone down the yellow.


                                                                                 Coral red

       I love, love, love this colour to death! Again, just like with the nude colour, coral red can be paired with almost anything. As you can see here, I have paired it with my nude clutch purse and a denim skirt.

The top was also purchased from the Mango outlet store in Majorca.          


                                                                    Floral Embroidery patterns

          I'm seeing this trend in every store on every garment possible, bags, shoes, jackets, bodysuits,

          you name it! It is a really great pattern choice for the summer and obviously for those who love

               floral designs. It's one of those trends you either like it.. or you don't. However,  I really do like the                      embroidery pattern and  think it adds a nice feminine touch to any garment.

         These shorts were purchased from New Look.


         I would like to thank my amazing friends Kelly Cheng (insta: aquariusmonkey)

& Leva Raisutyte (insta: Shesieva) for taking these amazing photos.


    If you have any favourite trends or colours that you've rocked this summer, then definitely drop me

     a message on Twitter or Instagram! Would love to hear from my fellow fashionistas! :)


Can't wait to hear from you guys! Peace and blessings to you all :)


Shanice xoxo






























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